Earth Day Celebration

Historic 4th Ward Park, North Ave. (across from Ponce City Market), Atlanta, GA

Earth Day 2014 -- A fundraiser event Why Celebrate an Earth Day?

Raise awareness of actions performed by people who may disturb the balance within our environment. To recognize and respect Earth’s beauty of balance between the presence of humans, animals, land, water, and air. Learn to share the land, minerals, and natural resources by preservation. There is only one Earth. Modern technology and the knowledge and usage of Earth’s raw materials and natural resources eliminates poverty, pollution, the breeding ground of crime and corruption. What is needed is the will to come together as a whole.

This special moment and praise of nature’s equipoise provide us with a sound basis for members of the human family to join together in their respective way in dedication and commitment in caring for our planet.  Without a strong
spirit of community and cooperation among all living entities, measuring success will be limited.