February 15th at 7:30pm: Murari Band in concert! 

Feb. 15th @ 7:30pm!!

"I want to make sure you know about the One Month to ChantLanta Party next Saturday night. We have one every year to get people excited about the big weekend and it would be wonderful if you could attend. This year we're blessed to have the Murari Band for a bliss-infused set of kirtan rock, followed by Rondae Skillz for a sound healing session. Trust me, you don't want to miss it!"

Karen Dorfman 
Director of Booking & Scheduling 
ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival 

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90 min. Murari Band performance Feb. 15!!! 

We are so honored to be asked to perform a 90 minute concert at the One-Month-To-Chantlanta Party on Saturday, Feb. 15th at 7:30pm!  There will also be a limited number of cd's available there from last year's Chantlanta and Murari Band's version of Hari Haraye is on it!  Follow this link for all the details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/753859058469111/.  Admission is free, but donations will be accepted to help www.thelearningtea.com.  We'll see you there!!!


Chantlanta 2020 

The 202o Chantlanta Festival will be held March 14th and 15th.  Balabhadra prabhu will be leading a workshop on "Chanting the Maha Mantra" and the rest of us will be there to demonstrate how melodious the chanting can be when put to music.  Follow this link (https://www.chantlanta.org/workshops) to register and we'll see you there!  Hari Bol!

Upcoming Performances!! 

Hare Krsna! We have three performances coming up the next two weekends! We hope to see you at one...or ALL of them! :-)

Dec. 14th -- Balabhadra's Birthday Bash at Rasanath prabhu's. Contact Shanti Keshavi d.d for details at shu2stef1@gmail.com, if you're interested.

Dec, 15th -- Atlanta Kirtan Festival at New Panihati Dham (1287 S. Ponce de Leon) from noon until 1pm. Prasdam will be available and this is a free event. More details at www.iskconatlanta.com.


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Janmastami Festival - Aug. 23rd 

We will be playing a special set of bhajans at the Janmastami Festival at 4pm on Friday, Aug. 23rd at New Panihati Dham. We hope to see you there! Sri Krsna Jamastami ki jai! Hari Bol!

Who are we?


We are a group of Hare Krsna devotees who hope to spread the glories of the Maha Mantra through music and the blessings of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!


Murari Band is:
Balabhadra Bhattacarya Dasa--Drums, Percussion, vocals
Naradi dasi-- Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bhakta Tim--Guitars, vocals
Shanti Keshavi devi dasi--Bass, vocals


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Murari Band performing Feb. 15!