If you missed our 9th Hare Krishna Helen Kirtan Festival on Oct. 13, 2018, my wonderful god-brother, Arjuna das, captured everything so you can watch now...or whenever! :-)
Here's the timeline of the video:
Beginning: Sveta Swarup prabhu
26:00 - Murari Band - Set 1
1:29:00 - Vatsala prabhu
2:26:00 - Murari Band - Set 2
3:16:00 - Goparaj prabhu
3:47:00 - Kartik Kripa and Govinda Harris
4:28:25 - Ratha Yatra
Thank you to all of the devotees who made this the best festival yet! Next year, on October 12th, 2019, we will have our 10th Festival!!! Mark the date now!

Who are we?


We are a group of Hare Krsna devotees who hope to spread the glories of the Maha Mantra through music and the blessings of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!


Murari Band is:
Balabhadra Bhattacarya Dasa--Drums, Percussion, vocals
Naradi dasi-- Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bhakta Tim--Guitars, vocals
Shanti Keshavi devi dasi--Bass, vocals


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